Dubai World Central – DWC

Dubai has a history of investing in its future and developing the infrastructure required to fuel the continued growth and diversification of its economy. Dubai World Central [DWC] is the continuation of this visionary legacy.
An integrated master plan designed around the aerotropolis concept [airport city], DWC is a forward-looking development that is providing the economic platform for businesses to take advantage of dynamic markets and opportunities, with lands that have been designated to create a self-sustained economic zone to support a multitude of activities including logistics, aviation, commercial, exhibition, humanitarian, residential and leisure related businesses around a world-class airport.
DWC is geared towards fast-cycle logistics and aviation industries, it works closely with government agencies and authorities to streamline start-up procedures, simplify operations requirements and foster a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

DWC Highlights

Free Zone Incentives Offered

  • State of the art facilities
  • 100% tax free
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% corporate tax exemption
  • Varity of license activities
  • Flexible commercial lease terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Fitted-out and shell & offices
  • Serviced desks & offices for SME’s and start up

Types of Registration

Any corporate entity (i.e. a company), association, partnership or natural legal person (i.e. an individual) or any combination of the foregoing may apply to register a Free Zone Enterprise.

All Free Zone Enterprises will be registered as one of the following:

Free Zone Licenses

Various categories of license are available for Free Zone Enterprises operation within Dubai Logistics City [DLC] or Aviation City.

Categories of License within Dubai Logistics City [DLC]

The categories of License available within DLC are as follows:

1. Logistics License

Allows the holder to carry out specified logistics services (e.g. storage, transportation, distribution, sorting, forwarding and clearing activities, order management, inventory management etc.). The license holder will be able to pick up and deliver (but not sell) products within the UAE.

2. Industrial License

Allows the holder to carry out specified light manufacturing activity (e.g. blending, mixing, purifying, assembling, forming, repacking, or wrapping of products) by utilizing hand labour or quiet machinery in a manner which does not produce smoke, gas fumes, hear, light or other effects which may cause a disturbance or nuisance to others. Industrial Licenses will not be issued without proof that an Environmental Impact Assessment for the project has been carried out and approved by Dubai Municipality.

3. Trading License

Allows the holder to import, export, sell, distribute and store items in the License. However, Free Zone Enterprises holding a Trading License may only sell completed products in the UAE market through a local distributor or a commercial agent which is properly registered in the UAE.

4. Service License

Allows the holder to carry out services specified in the License within the DWC Free Zone and elsewhere in the UAE (although additional local licenses may be required in some Emirates). Service Licenses are issued to Free Zone Enterprises supporting the logistics industry and will include services such as consulting, software, training, repair, catering, insurance, and human resources services.

Categories of License within Aviation City

Free Zone Enterprises operating within Aviation City may hold all categories of license as described in the Categories of License within Dubai Logistics City [DLC] except for a Logistics License.

If an applicant’s proposed business model spans more than one (or overlaps any) of the categories set out above, the applicant is advised to apply for separate license (e.g. an applicant who wishes to carry out both trading an manufacturing should apply for two Licenses – one for the trading activity and the other one for the manufacturing activity).


The following are the variety of office solutions offered by Dubai World Central [DWC]:

Premium Business Park

From aviation and logistics to support services and general business establishments, the Business Park, situated at the entrance of DWC, offers first-rate commercial buildings and offices that are centrally situated in what will become Dubai’s leading center of commerce.
The following are the features of the DWC Business Park:

Office Facilities

Business Center [DWCBC]

DWCBC is designed for clients who need access to office space and business service whenever needed, strategically located in the Head Quarter building of Dubai World Central.
The following are the features of the DWCBC:

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