Single Family Office

A Family Office provides a complete, seamless and integrated financial service for high net wealth individuals and their families who wish to ensure the successful transfer of wealth across generations and the ongoing management of the family’s wealth.

A Family Office is a private wealth management advisory firm which oversees and manages liquid and illiquid assets (e.g. real estate portfolio or art collections), can offers consolidated reporting of the family’s wealth, budgeting, insurance, tax services, deal with succession planning of the business and the private assets (family charter, governance issues, trusts, foundations), looks after the charitable giving. In addition, the family office can also handle non-financial issues such as private schooling, travel arrangements and other miscellaneous
household arrangements.

Trinity supports wealthy families and their advisors in mastering the unique challenges of managing family wealth, assisting in the setting up and operating family offices, and planning for future generations in the most suitable jurisdiction. In the UAE it’s permissible to set up a Single Family Office in DMCC and in DIFC.

“I have been working with Trinity since 2005 as a dedicated service provider of corporate and administrative services.
Their knowledge and expertise have been invaluable and client care is first class.”

Werner Berger
Solidus Asset Management