Trusts & Generation Planning

Ensuring assets pass smoothly from one generation to the next requires careful planning, especially for overseas assets. Asset protection experts agree that an offshore trust in a properly selected jurisdiction provides the strongest asset protection vehicle worldwide. But to ensure full and proper protection, expert advice is vital.


What is Trust and Generation Planning?


A trust protects assets, securing your family’s future benefits, and is created when someone (often referred to as the settlor) transfers legal title to someone else (the trustee) to hold for the benefit of the original owner or third party (the beneficiary). The property itself is often referred to as the “trust fund.” The “trust” is the relationship between the trustee and the beneficiaries.


Trinity Group specialises in designing and implementing trust arrangements and can advise on how to correctly draft trust arrangements that provide continuity of ownership and a seamless transfer of assets to chosen beneficiaries without the inconvenience of probate, forced heirship, or inheritance taxes.


Trusts of Any Size


Trusts and generation planning are not limited to a certain income bracket. Any individual or family who feel that they can benefit from wealth protection now and wants to protect their assets for the next generation can benefit from a trust or generation planning. Trinity Group provides expert advice regarding the variety of trust and generation planning vehicles available and guides clients to make an informed decision to best protection their interests.

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